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Appeal to all Border Carnation growers.

We have been growing Border Carnations for the past 20 years and we very passionate about them. Unfortunately, over the last few years we have become aware that many varieties are now being lost; this really came about due to the many growers asking for certain varieties and when we have tried to assist, we have found that they are no longer available. This we feel is tragic that part of our heritage is being lost and we feel that we must try to preserve them for future generations and it is on this that we seek your help.

If you grow Border Carnations, perhaps you are not aware of the name or its just growing in your garden that has been passed on to you then please consider contacting us at to help us build up a stock.

We only want a cutting or layer; we will arrange carriage and such once we have been contacted. We hope to then check the bloom once flowered with the RHS Dianthus Register for the correct naming, and to keep a register of all donated varieties.

Once the stock has been built up, we will then be in a position to offer to replace any of your stock that you have sent.

This is a serious appeal to try and keep our heritage of Border Carnations, please if you can help us to do so.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards


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